Love Your Leads

Lead Sellers & Buyers often have a love-hate relationship. LeadiD makes it 100% Love.

Lead Sellers & Buyers: A Love Story
Lead Seller

I'm a Lead Seller

LeadiD CreateSM builds trust into your leads. LeadiD Pre-Audit instantly tells you Lead Buyers' decisions.

Ever feel like you and your Lead Buyers don't fully trust one another?
LeadiD CreateSM and LeadiD Pre-AuditSM are here to help. Provide leads where the trust is built-in, and know Lead Buyers' decisions before posting the lead.
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I'm a Lead Buyer

LeadiD AuditSM instantly certifies that the leads you buy are legitimate and high quality.

Know that you are buying quality.
LeadiD AuditSM allows you to set flags and actions on various aspects of a lead's origin and history - so you can make the best lead buying and contact decisions in real-time.
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LeadiD Certified Lead History

How LeadiD Works

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2  Log into the LeadiD Member Portal and follow the Getting Started Guide
3  Start enjoying the benefits of LeadiD Create and LeadiD Pre-Audit (which are free) and LeadiD Audit if you have a paid account.