LeadiD witnesses the facts about every lead event, and enables marketers to make intelligent decisions that predict consumer intent, improve lead quality, and ensure lead-level compliance.

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overview-fig1You're with the Consumer (Because We Are)

LeadiD witnesses and certifies the origin and history of lead events, giving advertisers the truth of what really happened, and providing a means for publishers to get the true value their leads deserve.

overview-fig2Vast Network Intelligence

Tie consumer data together from all touchpoints and from every part of the consumer journey. LeadiD connects up and down the conversion funnel to provide a universal data standard for understanding and communicating a lead's quality, value, risk, and compliance.

overview-fig3Deep Insights, and the Ability to Act on Them

Our clients use LeadiD to optimize media spend, identify and target their best prospects, triage underperformers, and reduce TCPA risk.  How will you use LeadiD?

LeadiD By the Numbers

100 million

LeadiD witnesses and certifies more than 100 million consumer events every month.


More than 400 companies rely on the Universal LeadiD Standard to give them deep intelligence about their consumer leads. 

1 Goal

LeadiD exists for the singular purpose of creating a healthier leads industry--one where everyone does business with trust.

More than 400 leading companies have adopted the Universal LeadiD Standard. 

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