Lead Buyers

Know that you are buying quality.

LeadiD AuditSM allows you to set flags and actions on various aspects of a lead's origin and history - so you can make the best lead buying and contact decisions in real-time.

Show me the LeadiD!

As a lead buyer, you are blind to the origin & history of the leads that you purchase.  This causes you to buy leads that may be (unbeknownst to you):

  • Duplicates
  • Old/Recycled
  • Non-Compliant
  • Incentivized
  • Low Intent
  • Oversold
  • Non-Contactable

By utilizing LeadiD Audit, you create flags, rules and actions that are applied in real-time to a growing number of categories, including those listed above.  You can then query your LeadiD Audit in real-time to make the best decisions as leads are presented to you from your suppliers.

What’s more, you can authorize lead suppliers to query your LeadiD Audit, so they can get real-time dispositions of how you view a particular lead - before the lead is even posted to you.  This is a great value to your suppliers, who can ensure they’re only matching leads to you that you want, and a great value to you because you don’t waste any resources on leads that you ultimately don’t want.

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