TCPA Solution 

LeadiD offers two TCPA solutions, one for leads you generate ("1st party"), and one for leads you buy ("3rd party"). Both are 100% automated processes, with no need to manually review screenshots. LeadiD’s script lives at the source, on the page where a lead is generated. We witness the creation of each lead and record the consumer’s interactions on the lead form.

For Leads You Generate: LeadiD’s 1st Party TCPA Solution

  • Definitive Proof. We recreate the consumer interaction on the lead form and provide a Visual PlaybackSM that definitively shows what the consumer saw on that page, and what actions the consumer took.
  • Storage. We will store this proof, and in the event that you are named in a lawsuit, you will be able to demonstrate that the consumer did, in fact, give consent to be contacted.

For Leads You Buy: LeadiD’s 3rd Party TCPA Solution The 3rd Party Solution provides the same storage capability as the 1st Party Solution, plus the real time knowledge of whether or not a consumer has given express written consent.
  • Know before you call. Make decisions in real time. Set actionable rules based on the answers to the following questions:
    • Was there a disclosure present on the page that matches your approved language?
    • If so, was that disclosure conspicuous and visible to the consumer?
    • Did the consumer actually give consent to be contacted?
    • Does the phone number that was passed to you in the lead match the phone number that the consumer entered on the form? Was it a cell phone?
      • If the phone number you receive does not match the number entered on the form, it might not matter whether or not the proper disclosures were present and consented to because you may be calling a different person.
  • Maintain operational efficiency and speed:
    • The process is 100% automated. You determine your approved disclosures, and the actions you want to take based on the presence of those disclosures, and create your settings within the application.
    • Our system does the rest, and your outbound calling process does not have to slow down to manually make decisions about the risk of autodialing a specific lead.
  • Mitigating risk. Failing to ensure that the leads you autodial have consented to the proper disclosure can cost you up to $1500 per call. If you make 20 outbound calls in an hour without definitive proof that those consumers have consented, you could face $30,000 in damages.