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LeadiD provides marketers with trust, transparency, and a universal standard to optimize customer acquisition.

LeadiD's empowering technology documents the customer journey from the initial impression to the final conversion–and everything in between. We think of it as "certified customer intelligence" that helps you identify your best customers, optimize media spend, and drive more revenue. 


The Power of Being With the Consumer

black-holeFor far too long, online marketers have lacked the right mix of marketing tactics and the ability to optimize them in real time.

That's where LeadiD comes in. LeadiD is with the consumer at every step of the journey. It's on this backbone that marketers can understand true customer intent, value every lead in the ecosystem, and work together to reduce wasteful spend, stop online media fraud, and grow their businesses. 

Find the Missing Pieces of a Healthy
Acquisition Ecosystem.

piece-1A Universal Standard

LeadiD is a neutral arbiter of digital media transactions. We track the origin and history of every lead you generate or buy, and provide a single, common currency for marketers to communicate about a lead's quality, risk, compliance, and validity–giving you deep insights such as the age of a lead, how long the consumer took to fill out the lead form, and much more.

piece-2A Neutral Platform for Everyone

LeadiD's empowering technology is present wherever the consumer event takes place–your website or those of your media partners. That means we help sellers, generators, buyers, and aggregators of leads (and even the agencies doing business for them).

piece-3The Insight to Act

Turn insight into action. Pre-check leads against the preferences of buyers. Accept, reject, or reroute leads based on preconfigured settings. Maintain legal and brand compliance. And much more. All in real time.

A stronger ecosystem for everyone.

  1. Advertiser/Brand
  2. Affiliate, Aggregator, Lead Generator
  3. Agency
  4. LMS/CRM Platform Provider
  5. Technology/Data Provider


  • Determine the true value of your leads
  • Access proprietary data metrics
  • Audit lead quality in real time
  • Take action to accept, reject, or reroute leads
  • Discover your ideal customers
  • Connect lead data with consumer outcomes
  • Prioritize lead distribution
  • Maintain brand and TCPA compliance

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Affiliate, Aggregator, Lead Generator

  • Grow your clients' businesses
  • Attract new buyers
  • Get more for your leads
  • Minimize rejected leads
  • Pre-check leads against buyer profiles
  • Optimize media spend
  • Maintain TCPA compliance

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  • Grow your clients' businesses
  • Attract new clients
  • Buy and deliver the best leads
  • Differentiate from other agencies
  • Maintain TCPA compliance
  • Maintain brand compliance

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LMS/CRM Platform Provider

  • Attract clients by promoting your LeadiD integration
  • Protect clients from fraud
  • Maintain TCPA compliance
  • Extend clients' insights into the value of their leads
  • Empower clients to take real-time action
  • Differentiate from other platform providers
  • Contribute to a healthier customer acquisition ecosystem

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Technology/Data Provider

  • Monetize your data more effectively
  • Gain access to LeadiD's 400+ customers
  • Grow your customer base
  • Onboard new customers with ease
  • Gain brand recognition
  • Contribute to a healthier customer acquisition ecosystem

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Bridge the Gaps

LeadiD connects up and down the consumer sales funnel: from the initial impression your brand makes, to the consumer lead event, and even to your conversions. This bidirectional data flow is what makes it possible–dare we say, easy–to optimize every part of the consumer journey. Key benefits include: 

  • Smarter remarketing
  • More accurate media targeting
  • Access to the LeadiD Intelligence Network
  • Ability to identify lookalikes
  • Ability to identify underperformers
  • A single source for customer intelligence

Supercharge Your Customer Acquisition Program with the LeadiD AppMarketplace

The AppMarketplace extends the power of the LeadiD platform through dozens of exclusive apps and integrations with third-party technology partners. Easily install apps across a variety of categories that include:

  • TCPA compliance
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Brand compliance
  • Data verification
  • Data validation
  • Consumer demographics
  • Consumer financial health
  • Lead scoring models
  • Lead dialing & response technologies



Featured Apps in the AppMarketplace