Take a front-row seat on your consumer’s buying journey, and shorten the distance between data and decision-making.

Collect the dots Connect the dots See the buyer's journey in high resolution
Consumer Intent

Sales and marketing teams spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars attempting to measure consumer activity. But are you really looking at what matters?

Jornaya witnesses your consumer’s buying journey firsthand, not just on your website, but everywhere s/he has been across the digital landscape. Forget about “in the moment” insight. Now you can see all the movements and signals that add up to intent. When you understand what your consumers want, you can engage in more meaningful ways.

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Our Customers

More than 400 leading brands trust Jornaya to help shorten the distance between data and decision making.

Sharper Vision, Sounder Decisions

For too long, estimating the conversion potential of your leads, clicks, and calls has been like trying to forecast the future. Fortunately, there’s Jornaya. Jornaya provides you with the highest resolution view of your consumers’ buying journeys so that you can turbocharge your customer acquisition programs.

Witness the Consumer Journey

Arm yourself with the surest signals of consumer intent. Jornaya is a first-party witness to everywhere your consumers are. We see billions of buying journeys every year, including the ones that lead to your sales.

Act Confidently

Understand. Decide. Act. Jornaya helps you see your consumers’ journeys more clearly, so you can take action more confidently.

Enhance your Marketing Toolkit

No matter what your decision making toolkit includes, Jornaya adds a layer of intelligence that is not available anywhere else, and integrates with all the other platforms and data sources that you use.

Strengthen Your TCPA Compliance

Arm yourself with bulletproof evidence of TCPA compliance by recording consumer intent at the moment it is given.


The certainty that Jornaya brings has an impact on our team in believing that we're going to be continuing to grow this business in a smart way.

– Rustam Irani, Senior Director of Marketing, Ultimate Medical Academy

The proof is in the data results. There's a lot of power in what Jornaya is doing.

– George Hurley, Director of Marketing Analytics, Plymouth Rock Assurance

Having Jornaya as a partner ensures we are generating the types of leads our clients are looking for.

– Craig Rosenfeld, Founder and CEO, Provide Media

We could not be happier with how easily the Jornaya implementation has gone.

– Alicia Slachta, Affiliate Program Manager, Penn Foster

Jornaya's visibility and insights provide Spring Venture Group with a high resolution view of our consumers’ buying journeys.

– Alex Allen, Vice President of Marketing, Spring Venture Group

Get Smarter

Consumer behaviors predict conversion outcomes. For most marketers, harnessing these insights - and acting on them - was nearly impossible. Until Jornaya.