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No Jerks Allowed!

We love a great challenge and show a bias toward action and impact. We seek those who are collaborative, self-directed, and who check their egos at the door


Our Benefits

Treat Yourself

Happy hours, parties, group outings, a fully stocked kitchen and more. Good times are easy to come by at Jornaya.

A Better You, A Better Us

Your personal & professional development is paramount to Jornaya’s success. That’s why we’ve doubled down on our commitment to improve the skillsets of our employees. From AWS, Spark, and Java 8 training to hands-on sales development workshops, and everything in between, we invest the resources to take your career to the next level.

Forget the Bureaucratic “Vacation Policy”

You shouldn’t have to worry about accruing 1.66 vacation days every month. Who can even keep track of that anyway? At Jornaya, no vacation policy means that when you need it, take it. Some call that a risk. We call it “smart business”.

Access Philly With Ease

Jornaya is in Conshohocken, just a short ride from Center City, and our office is within a few steps of Spring Mill Station. Seriously, you can walk.

Lunch n’ Learn Fridays

Every Friday, the entire team gathers together to exchange ideas and discuss our passions. But what’s better than learning cool things from awesome coworkers? A catered lunch to go along with it! It’s the spirit of Jornaya, captured in a delicious lunch.

We Don’t Put Baby In the Corner

Transparency isn’t just one of the pillars of our business, but of our culture as well. On top of our Lunch n’ Learn Fridays and team events, we have an all-day, company-wide regroup every quarter to discuss how the business has been performing, projections for the next quarter and beyond, and how each member of the team plays a role in the company’s success.

Benefits that Work for You AND your Family

At Jornaya, we’re very serious about taking care of our team. That means that providing solid benefits for our employees and their families is a top priority. Additionally, we regularly bring in financial management and health consultants to aid our employees’ financial and emotional well-being.


“At Jornaya, there is no such thing as winning or losing, only winning and learning. I love that approach to growth and development!”

– Lauren Jacobson, VP of Data and Analytics Strategy