TCPA Guardian for Facebook lead ads

The best way to ensure compliance is to avoid the risk

Facebook lead ads have quickly become a staple in many performance marketers’ toolkits - and for good reason. Lead ads make it easier for consumers to engage with businesses on their mobile devices - and enable advertisers to harness the power of Facebook’s massive reach and advanced targeting capabilities.

As with any marketing channel, TCPA compliance is critical when reaching out to consumers who have raised their hands. That’s why Facebook created the option for a Custom Disclaimer in the lead ad form, which many businesses use to display approved TCPA consent language.


Finally, just being compliant isn’t enough. You have to be able to prove it. Once you activate TCPA Guardian for Facebook lead ads, you can confidently call or text your consumers, knowing that persuasive, visual proof of consent will be captured and stored for every lead generated.


Core Capabilities


One-Click Protection

Setting up TCPA Guardian couldn’t be easier - a few clicks, zero technical implementation, and you’re ready to go! Jornaya is integrated directly with Facebook lead ads in real-time, so we’re working behind the scenes to protect you for every lead generated.


Visual Playback

Did the consumer actively consent to a follow-up by acknowledging your TCPA disclosure? Can you prove it? Jornaya’s Visual Playback capability won’t just tell you, it will show you by revealing precisely what the consumer saw and did during the event.


Long-Term Storage

Consumer complaints don’t always happen quickly, and TCPA regulations include a four-year statute of limitations for initiating claims. That’s why Jornaya’s Visual Playback solution not only captures a consumer’s consent, but stores it as well. With Jornaya at your side, you’ll never be caught off-guard.

Ready to take the next step? Still have questions? A Jornaya consultant is ready to explain how TCPA Guardian can protect you.