Jornaya Activate

A new platform empowering marketers to intelligently connect with consumer behaviors in order to deepen the relationship between brands, their marketing partners, and consumers.

The consumer is in control of the shopping process.

Each consumer knows what they are shopping for, where they’ve done research, and which brands they’ve engaged along the way. But as a marketer, you are blind to this journey until a consumer raises their hand.

Visibility into the consumer journey creates more valuable interactions for consumers when attempting to be engaged by a brand. If you, as a marketer, can know the right time to connect with a consumer, you can more effectively nurture, retain and grow those important relationships.

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Understand the Consumer Journey, at Every Phase of the Relationship

Marketers like you have your own data set about each of the prospects and customers in your database. You know details about your relationship with that consumer, including whether they are a prospect or a customer, what products or services they have purchased, and how they engage via phone or email.

What you don’t know is whether that consumer is currently in-market for a product or service you could provide for them. What’s more, if a consumer is in-market, you have no way of knowing where they are in their buying journey -- whether they are just starting to research, comparing their options, or are ready to make a purchase.

The Activate platform allows marketers to see the consumer journey, at every stage of the relationship. This insight allows you to interact with the right people, at the right time, with the right messaging, to ultimately have the most valuable consumer interaction.

How does this work?

The Activate platform connects consumer events across participating partner websites. Jornaya handles all consumer data in a privacy friendly manner, that allows marketers to create the most valuable consumer interactions utilizing in-market behavioral data from Activate.

Jornaya Activate allows you to engage a consumer
with timely and relevant outreach that improves your
acquisition, retention, or growth campaigns.

Customer Acquisition: Connect to the changing intent of consumers in your database to initiate contact at the most relevant time, with the most relevant messaging, to maximize conversions.

Customer Acquisition

Connect to the changing intent of consumers in your database to initiate contact at the most relevant time, with the most relevant messaging, to maximize conversions.

Customer Retention

Customer Retention

Understand when your current customers are shopping as early as possible, so you can influence the decision making process, and increase retention rates.

Improved Customer Value & Growth

Improved Customer Value & Growth

Recognize cross-industry behaviors that indicate your customer is on a journey for complementary products to deepen your relationships by providing additional services.

Relevant Outreach

Relevant Outreach

Adapt outreach to consumers at different stages of their shopping journey and reinforce brand value through timely, relevant interactions.

Consumer Privacy Friendly

Consumer Privacy Friendly

Increased platform flexibility, including the latest technology breakthroughs in Identity Resolution allows brands to tap into Jornaya’s network of behaviors using privacy-friendly technology.

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