Jornaya Nurture

Engage consumers using in-market signals to create a relevant experience that increases conversion.

Understand the changing intent and motivation of consumers in their journey

The first opportunity to engage a consumer often occurs when they submit a lead with your brand. While this action shows interest, it doesn’t clearly show where that consumer is on her journey, what her expectations are, and whether or not she is ready to make a purchase decision.

With Jornaya Nurture, marketers can connect to the changing intent and motivations of consumers in their database, days, weeks, and months after a lead was submitted. This rich consumer intent data allows marketers to improve conversion by adapting the timing and relevance of outreach, to help inform and influence the decision making process, deepen the relationship with the consumer, and keep your brand in consideration.


Jornaya Nurture actively listens for new, behavior-based, in-market signals for leads in your database and provides an update on the prior day’s activity, helping you deliver a personalized and relevant experience that turns inactive leads into engaged consumers.

Reduce missed connections

Reduce Missed Connections

Know when unsuccessfully contacted leads show renewed interest, and reinitiate contact at the most relevant time.

Revitalize inactive consumers

Revitalize Inactive Consumers

Adapt the timing of your outreach to re-engage consumers using new in-market behaviors to identify progress in her journey.

Building relationships

Building Relationships

Accelerate time to conversion keeping consumers active in your relationship and reinforcing brand value with timely outreach.

Reduce inefficient spend

Reduce Inefficient Spend

Use in-market signals to identify consumers who are not actively in-market and adjust your contact strategy accordingly.

Data Partners

Jornaya has partnered with lead generators to connect and supply these signals, driven by consumer behavior, to marketers to leverage in their outreach. Partners who choose to contribute this type of data to our platform, to power Nurture and other applications of this data, participate in a value exchange with Jornaya.

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