How can marketers harness behavioral insights to predict a consumer’s conversion potential?

Jornaya Predict

Turbocharge your Decisioning Toolkit

Everywhere they go, consumers leave a digital footprint of their interests. These interactions happen millions of times every day, yet understanding what someone really wants (how much, and when) remains elusive. With Jornaya Predict, you understand the cumulative impact of every click, call, web form so that you can identify, and prioritize, the consumers who are most likely to buy from you.


Traditional lead scoring models answered a one-dimensional question:
To what extent does this consumer “look” like my typical customer?



But in the digital world, actions speak louder than addresses, emails, and phone numbers. Jornaya Predict leaps beyond the limitations of "look-alike" inputs and helps you identify "act-alikes" who are ready to do business with you .

Jornaya Predict unleashes the insights contained in your consumers’ behaviors–on your site, across the web, and in real-time. Using behaviorally-driven facts, Jornaya Predict scores the degree to which a consumer is in-market and likely to buy from you, right now.

Optimize Bids

Optimize Bids

Solicit, or offer, the right bids at the right time based on the likelihood of a consumer to engage with a particular brand.

Optimize Bids

Reduce Inefficient Spend

Adjust your media buying strategy and re-allocate the money previously spent on low-intentioned consumers towards those who are most likely to convert.

Optimize Bids

Improve Internal Processes

Eliminate the guesswork by knowing who to dial, when to dial, and what reps to route each consumer to.

Optimize Bids

Create Premium Lead Categories

With Jornaya, lead publishers can categorize and tier the leads they sell by leveraging Jornaya Predict’s scores as an indicator of quality.

Enhance Reporting and Tracking

Enhance Reporting and Tracking

Get an early read on the performance of your data sources in real-time or in batch.